Bruce Springsteen、24時間彼の曲だけをかける生配信が行われることに

Bruce Springsteen






THIS IS HAPPENING! Please share! We want to raise £10,000 for several charities that really need extra support right now, so on Saturday 2 May we will be DJing 24 hours of non-stop Springsteen, and we’d love you to support us! Please like, share, tag your friends and *donate* to help us raise as much as we possibly can for Childline, Trussell Trust, Barts Trust, Age UK and Hospice UK. This extended 24-hour-long ‘house party’ is from from 1pm Saturday 2 May to 1pm Sunday 3 May – NO SLEEP FOR US 😂 We want everyone from around the world to get involved and join our Springsteen-athon. It doesn’t matter what time it is, we will be live streaming our DJ set all day and all night, splitting the hours up into different ‘themes’! We’re so pleased that our Hungry Heart house parties have spread some joy at this difficult time – now let’s go one step further and raise what we can for the other people who need our help right now! Please donate what you can and help us reach our £10,000 target! Donations are up and running already, depending on what you donate we will be doing things like shout outs, song requests etc! Links can be found at – please click through to the donation page for full info! FIRST DONATION OVER £100 gets to choose the first song!! Thank you for your support! Let’s do this!! #hungryheart24

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  1. Bruce Springsteen

    Bruce Springsteen、2020年の大統領選でドナルド・トランプが再選すると語る

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    U2、Bruce Springsteen、Elton Johnら、スタンド・アップ・フォー・ウクライナへのメッセージを投稿

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    Bruce Springsteen、過去のカタログの権利をソニーに売却すると報道

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    Bruce Springsteen、トランプ大統領が再選されたら民主主義がもたないと語る

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    Bruce Springsteen 初の公式プレイリストが公開

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    Bruce Springsteenら、定番ベスト盤5タイトルが日本独自カラー・ヴァイナルで発売

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    Bruce Springsteenとバラク・オバマ元大統領、若い頃に聴いた音楽について語る

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    Bleachers、Bruce Springsteenとのコラボを含む2曲の新曲が公開

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    Bruce Springsteen、外出制限の中でラジオ番組を配信することに

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    Bruce Springsteen、来たる新作より「Nightshift」がMVと共に公開

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    Bruce Springsteen、スーパーボウルのジープのCMに出演

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    Bruce Springsteen、地元で開催された展覧会のオープニングにサプライズで登場

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    ジョー・バイデン大統領、Bruce Springsteen出席の式典で再選出馬への意欲を見せる